Partial Hospitalization Programming for teens can make a difference

Being a part of a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) can truly have an impact. It is an effective mode of treatment for teens because it offers freedom to continue to connect to both home and positive peer support systems. When inpatient support is not needed or a teen has completed a stay in the hospital, being assessed for and attending PHP helps the teen expand on skills they have learned or maybe already have, and teaches them how to use them with confidence and in a variety of life’s situations.

It is not easy being a teenager. PHP is an opportunity for them to build coping skills and gain insight into themselves and their behavior. Teens have a chance to practice in PHP with a group of peers learning how to transfer skills to real life settings and explore the how and why of behavior.

To learn more about this program or to set an appointment for a free, confidential assessment, please call the Lake Behavioral team at 855-990-1900.