Lake Behavioral Hospital: Partial Hospitalization Program for Teens

The challenges that teens face every day can prevent them from living their best life. Social media pressures, peer concerns and academic worries can all cause anxiety, stress, and depression. Teens, especially, have the potential for becoming unwell as they are making every effort to individuate and be independent, and don’t always share what is bothering them as they try to manage things on their own.

Designed to assist teens with their mental health in a peer group setting, the Lake Behavioral Hospital Partial Hospital Program offers group support in learning coping skills, improving academic success, relationship development techniques and discovering how to set daily routines that can make each day more productive. The program lasts approximately 3 weeks and teens attend 6 hours daily, 5 days a week, which includes a school program so teens do not get behind in their school work. Transportation to and from home is provided to make it easier for families.

Our team in our Assessment and Referral Department will make sure that your teen is appropriate for the program with a free, confidential assessment, and if not, help decide what level of care is the best match for your teen in the moment. One call to 855-990-1900 to schedule an assessment or a walk-in at any time during the day may provide the teen with an opportunity for a valuable outpatient resource.

If the teen is not managing well at home or school, has relationship difficulties and is just not living his/her best life, the partial hospital program will be a good match. Treatment works! Partial hospitalization is often the choice for teens because they will get the help they need and still have the ability to leave the program at the end of the day and return to home and friends.