Medication Management is Important

Managing medication can be tough; especially if you have medicines to treat both physical health and mental health conditions; or if you are taking several medications. For that reason, please allow us to help you learn more about your medications, hear any feedback about how your meds are helping you, and make sure that your prescriptions are just right for you. Allow us to help oversee the process of medication management.

Here are some benefits in allowing our team to support you as you navigate the world of medication and health:

  1. The team at Lake Behavioral Hospital cares about you. With that in mind, know that your medication management is all about you. We collaborate as a team and keep in mind that no two people experience the same medication in the same way. There are many things to consider and we are here to help. Medication management is more than just giving us a list and dosage information of all of your meds. To really make medication work for you, your Lake Behavioral Hospital team will pay close attention to your overall health, the number and kind of medications you are taking, and how your own personal lifestyle or work life may factor into having positive medication outcomes.
  2. Multiple medications, it seems, are the norm for many people. Our team pays attention to what you are taking so that risk of drug interaction is minimized. A comprehensive exploration of your medications will help make sure that you are living without unwanted medication side effects. We want to know what meds you are taking for what conditions, if you have any medication allergies, whether you take over-the-counter meds, and what impact each of these meds have had on you. If a new medication has been prescribed for you, we will make sure it is a match for you and your specific condition.
  3. Medication management will help you find a medication routine. Taking your meds consistently and on time is necessary. You will find that our program will help you develop a successful medication routine and you won’t have to worry about many different instructions and physicians to meet with to manage your meds. One team, in one location, is exactly what you need.
  4. With a busy lifestyle, it can be easy to mix up your meds like taking them on the wrong day or time or being forgetful and doubling up on a dose. Every day people misuse medications accidentally and take the risk of a real health problem like hospitalization. Routines and education are key to making medications that are life enhancing and life-saving. Medication management can help reduce adverse reactions and reduce the risk of hospitalizations related to these errors by ensuring that your medications don’t negatively interact, helping you learn when and how to take your specific medications, and identifying any foods to avoid while taking your medications.
  5. Medication management is an opportunity. Work with our Lake Behavioral Hospital medication management professionals. We can observe your progress and process your recovery. We can answer your questions and share information.

Let’s Get Going!

Call 855-990-1900 and ask to speak to our team regarding medication management. You will find increased comfort in knowing that we are helping you stay safe. Medication management is important. Let us show you how. We look forward to meeting you!