Lake Behavioral Hospital: Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Program hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00am-2:00pm

The Lake Behavioral Hospital Partial Hospitalization Program for teens, ages 13-17, is a group-oriented program. Utilizing the framework of peer-based interactions, this evidenced-based program provides a safe and structured transition from inpatient support. Patients have also successfully found this program to help avoid hospitalization by entering when first experiencing behavioral symptoms that are interfering with home, school and community life. Patients and families can expect that the duration of the program, although individualized for each patient, would average about 2 weeks.

What makes this program so successful is that it is so behaviorally focused, helping youth understand what causes their feelings and behaviors. Coping skills, listening and communication skills help the adolescent maneuver through the triggers that, in the past, may have created a negative outcome. Because patients can leave the program at the end of the program day and practice skills, then report back to their peers and staff the next day, the learned skills are constantly being tweaked and individualized to accommodate communication styles and skill levels. It is amazing to watch the behavioral changes and improved self-esteem occur as the teens blossom behaviorally and in their confidence in managing their own behaviors.

As a parent, please consider our PHP program for your teen. It is an opportunity for positive peer interaction in a structured, proven, therapeutic setting. For an assessment for the program, please call 855-990-1900. We look forward to working with your teen.