If you have been an inpatient at Lake Behavioral Hospital

If you have been an inpatient at Lake Behavioral Hospital, at some point in your stay, we may have asked you about your interest in our Partial Hospitalization (adolescent) or Intensive Outpatient Program (adult). Why? Research shows that a step down into a less restrictive therapeutic environment like IOP or PHP may mean you have a really good chance of avoiding any further inpatient hospitalizations. The reason for this is that as an outpatient, you are able to continue to practice the skills learned during your inpatient stay. In IOP and PHP, you can then take those skills into your community, home or school, and practice them and then come to the program the next day and talk about what that experience was like and receive feedback from your peers about how it all worked out for you. Your peers are another aspect of benefit to IOP and PHP. Having peers who understand what you are going through and learning from their experience and hearing their stories is very helpful and meaningful.

IOP and PHP help you transition from inpatient back to home in a structured way. Your chances of success are greater when you solidify the skills gained during your inpatient hospitalization.

If you know of someone who has been hospitalized or could use some additional care for a mental health or substance abuse condition, please have them call us. An assessment to determine what program will have the greatest impact may be just what they need. Please call us at 855-990-1900, 24/7/365. We are here to help!