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Lake Behavioral Hospital offers Partial Hospitalization

Lake Behavioral Hospital offers Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Programs. Each of these are group-based programs providing therapeutic support for individuals who are struggling with conditions and mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, trauma, and bipolar disorder that reduce a person’s ability to function well in relationships, daily routines, and work or school. […]

Lake Behavioral Hospital offers IOP

Getting help is sometimes difficult. Your world of family, work, bills, and responsibilities doesn’t stop because you are feeling unwell. You know, however, that if you don’t find some support you are going to continue to unravel and your ability to cope with your depression, addictions that relate to that depression, anxiety and trauma will […]

In the news

Another school shooting and three children and three devoted school staff are lost. Rising anxiety and even panic among our students, of all ages, relate directly to the feelings that this can happen anywhere and at any time. Mental health problems, in general, are on the rise and these events further fuel conditions like depression […]

New Agreement Improves Access to Care for Kenosha County Residents

Lake Behavioral Hospital can now make a bigger difference for Kenosha County residents in need of psychiatric care. An intergovernmental agreement signed into effect earlier this month will allow Kenosha County and local law enforcement agencies to utilize Lake Behavioral Hospital for Chapter 51 mental health detentions. The six-year process to discuss and develop the […]

Nutrition and Mental Health

  Did your mother ever tell you to “eat right so you can do well in school”? Our moms were smart! What you eat can definitely impact your ability to pay attention, feel more connected and help you think and focus. You may have forgotten in your adult years to stay connected to your mother’s […]

Valentine’s Day: A Good Day for Good Mental Health

Candy, flowers, cards and a special someone on your arm as you walk into a fancy restaurant for a delicious Valentine’s Day celebration is the perfect picture. Social media posts are highlight reels of the very best of times: all smiles and happy moments. These flawless pictures, frozen in time, can lead to pressure and […]

Black History Month Facts

February is Black History Month. Each February offers us an opportunity to learn about the contributions of African Americans to our nation. The theme for 2023 is Black Health and Wellness where we specifically honor African Americans in the medical and healthcare arena. The beginnings of Black History Month began as a result of Carter […]

The Holidays Can Be Challenging

For those impacted by mental illness, the holidays can be especially challenging. Being away from regular routines, having the temptations of unhealthy eating or drinking, memories of loss and other traumas and high expectations can create stress that can seem insurmountable. According to a study by NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 64% of […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness. Those three words strike you differently if you have ever had breast cancer. Often what you live with is the constant post-traumatic stress of its potential return. The fear that cancer might return can produce debilitating anxiety and depression. Since we all deal with feelings differently, the way we respond to the […]