Valentine’s Day: A Good Day for Good Mental Health

Candy, flowers, cards and a special someone on your arm as you walk into a fancy restaurant for a delicious Valentine’s Day celebration is the perfect picture. Social media posts are highlight reels of the very best of times: all smiles and happy moments. These flawless pictures, frozen in time, can lead to pressure and sadness for some who just can’t seem to “fill the big shoes” of the perfect Valentine.

Let this Valentine’s Day be the most relaxed and enjoyable ever. Set some priorities and just have fun. Celebrate with people who matter to you. Make “celebrate” a word that doesn’t mean spending lots of money. Celebrate at home, order some great take-out and watch an old movie. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day as a family. Make cookies together. Have surprise grab bags at each place setting at dinner (love those dollar store gifts!). Have a candy heart race (find it online, it is fun!).

Be a difference-making Valentine! Send cards and letters to friends and family. Drop off cookies to neighbors. Just let people know you care. Have fun with the kids’ Valentine cards; they are very reasonably priced and come in themes. Consider dropping those off at nursing homes, homeless shelters, and food pantries. Someone will appreciate being thought of on Valentine’s Day.

Positive mental health is important. Just being you, surrounding yourself with people who make you feel special, and doing things you love and finding ways to give back are all ways to make this Valentine’s Day, positively healthy!

Your team at Lake Behavioral Hospital wishes you love, caring and compassion on Valentine’s Day. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of isolation and sadness, you know you can call us. By appointment or as a walk-in, you can ask for a free, confidential assessment. This will help you determine just what level of care and support will make things feel better for you. Calling 855-990-1900, will connect you with a caring professional. Call; we can help.