There is Value in your Mental Health

Our health is valuable and mental health is a big part of our health continuum. Even if our body is healthy, if our mental health is unstable, nothing seems in balance. Feelings like depression and anxiety can make us unable to carry out even the simplest of daily tasks; tasks our healthy body should be able to do, but our thoughts and feelings just won’t allow them to be done.

If this describes you, don’t hesitate to explore treatment options that can help you feel better and get back to accomplishing tasks that are important to you, your family and your job. There are advantages to include outpatient as a part of your treatment options.

Outpatient programs allow you to keep your professional and personal life intact. Some programs provide virtual options which make things even easier. Outpatient programming is often about flexibility and is a good start for someone who wants to take a step toward positive mental health.

To learn more about Lake Behavioral Hospital and our Intensive Outpatient Program for adults and Partial Hospitalization Program for teens, please call: 855-990-1900.