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Suicide Prevention is Possible

People who are feeling suicidal are often dealing with feelings or situations so intense, there seems to be no other way out. The truth is most feelings and most situations, no matter how distressing, will pass in time. Many who express a desire to die are overwhelmed. Given a chance to have a good listener […]

Summertime is Here!

July 4th, picnics, and outdoor gatherings are earmarks of summertime. This means being with people that we care about. Quarantining during COVID-19 among small family groups may mean that we haven’t seen our friends and other family members for some time. This is something we all need, to connect with others. Getting together during a […]

Lake Behavioral Celebrates Pride

June is Pride Month and Lake Behavioral Hospital is proud to celebrate and support the LGBTQ community. We also understand the unique challenges and needs they face related to mental health and access to treatment. Studies show that individuals who identify as LGBTQ are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and other […]

When Mother’s Day is Difficult

Holidays are often filled with joy and love, but they can also be challenging. Mother’s Day can be a particularly complicated holiday. For many it a celebration of gratitude and appreciation, but it can also bring feelings of grief and sadness, especially for those who have lost a mother or a child. During this time […]

Teens & the Reality of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been emotionally devastating for adults, but the full impact on teenagers may be worse. Today’s adolescents have their fair share of challenges—navigating social media, online bullying, social pressures to partake in drugs and alcohol. All of these are enhanced by the enforced social isolation and cancellation of in person school. Teens […]

Social Isolation & COVID-19

The mental health effects of COVID-19 are just as important to address as are the physical health effects. For many, adjusting to a new way of life can be overwhelming and difficult. This is especially true for those individuals who have a mental health condition or those at risk for developing one. It is important […]

Lake Behavioral Hospital, Providing Mental Health Treatment for Wisconsin

Located just 10 miles of the border in Waukegan, IL, Lake Behavioral Hospital is prepared to meet the mental health needs of Wisconsin. Lake Behavioral provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for mental health and chemical dependency for adolescents, adults, and older adults. Accessibility to mental health and chemical dependency treatment among all age groups is […]