Understanding, Treatment & Help

It’s time to break the stigma. Clinical depression isn’t a failure of the individual experiencing it, nor is it something that a person can just “snap out of.” Thoughts of suicide or of inflicting self-harm on yourself can’t be taken lightly. At Lake Behavioral Hospital, our experienced team of mental health professionals are honored to provide comprehensive, customized, and evidence-based treatment for depression in adults and youths. We use techniques which are backed by science and delivered in both inpatient and outpatient settings—whichever type of environment will be most conducive for individual recovery and healing.

Common Types of Treatment for Depression or Suicidal Thoughts

People living with depression or suicidal thoughts can benefit from individualized treatment plans that help them manage their symptoms, learn how to cope with their unique life challenges more effectively, and even improve their satisfaction within key life areas, including relationships, career, and health.

The following approaches are among the most useful and effective:

Medication and Pharmacology

Medications used to treat depression work in several ways, with the main goal of improving the neurochemistry of the brain.

At Lake Behavioral Hospital, our board-certified and licensed physicians provide thorough psychiatric evaluations as well as a comprehensive assessment, initiation, and stabilization process for all medication therapies. This is to make sure that each individual receives the right kind and dose of medication to meet their own needs.


Many different types of psychotherapies exist for depression treatment, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). During psychotherapy sessions, individuals are supported and educated in a way to improve their subjective life experience.

At Lake Behavioral Hospital, we offer one-on-one, group, and family therapy and counseling services that provide comfort & care needed to recover.

Alternative and Supportive Therapies

Research indicates that treatment for depression is the most effective when it involves a combination of medication and psychotherapy. To enhance the synergistic effect of these main treatment modalities, as well as to enhance the overall wellness of the individual, supportive therapies can be extremely useful.

At Lake Behavioral Hospital, we offer a range of supportive therapies that appeal to a wide range of interests. These include:

  • Art
  • Yoga
  • Music therapy
  • Tai Chi
  • Recreation therapy

Need Depression or Suicidal Help?

Are you or someone you know currently living with depression? Are you concerned about suicidal feelings, or would like to learn more about suicide prevention? Connect with our mental health team at Lake Behavioral Hospital in Waukegan, IL now. We’re available 24/7 for a free phone assessment. Call us any time at (855)990-1900.